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ENEU HarmoNice
Scientifically tested & certified

We are constantly exposed to various environmental influences that directly or indirectly affect our bodies. Among them are influences that can subject our organism to stress and are, therefore, also referred to as environmental stressors. Unwanted influences include ... electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, radio masts, etc.

In summary, the use of ENEU HarmoNice as a protection against unwanted environmental influences that may cause oxidative stress is highly recommended for improvement and maintenance of well-being.

Prof. Dr. Peter C. Dartsch

Certified Biochemist

About Section

"Protection in 3 seconds"

Certified protective effect against undesirable effects of radiation/e-smog (electromagnetic, non-thermal radiation) such as from mobile phones, WiFi and electronic devices

Nowadays, electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, WiFi boxes, PCs, baby monitors, microwaves and TVs are part of everyday life. We are constantly exposed to the invisible radiation emitted by these devices. Long-term stress caused by e-smog can lead to irritation in the biological system and in the organism.

Headaches, insomnia, lack of energy, irritability or nervousness can be possible effects of these constantly increasing electromagnetic radiations. It is important to be aware that these radiations exist and to take steps to reduce exposures, such as using proven protection products or minimizing the use of electronic devices.



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certified protective effect at the cellular level,
can balance out stressful effects of
E-smog and promote a natural, harmonious balance for humans, animals and the environment.

Scientifically tested & certified



The application of ENEU HarmoNice is very simple. By attaching it to the terminal of all electronic devices, e.g. on the back of the mobile phone, on the laptop, PC, WLAN box, TV and all electronic household appliances, the harmful radiation of e-smog can be harmonised.

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